Adult Ice Hockey

Whether you’re new to the sport, or have been playing for years, we’ve got classes, programs and leagues to match your ability and interest. Toss on your gear and take your shot!

Everyday Hockey

Practice skating and run shooting drills during Take-A-Shot slot or play a pickup game during our Drop-in Hockey slot. Check the open skate South Suburban Ice Arena and Family Sports Ice Arena monthly schedules for days and times.


40+ - Blazers

40+ - Blazers



D2 South - Icebreakers

D2 South - Icebreakers

D2 North - Fat Pucks

D2 North - Fat Pucks

D3 South - Champions

D3 South - Champions

D3 North - Punxs

D3 North - Punxs

2018 -2019 Fall Winter Leagues

One of the best adult ice hockey programs in the Denver, Colorado area is right in your own backyard!

Register online now for 2018 - 2019 Fall Winter League


See Information and the Code of Conduct. The Team Captain or Team Rep are required to sign and return the Code of Conduct.


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Schedules & Standings

Visit SSAHL on Pointstreak to see upcoming games, standings, and other important league information.


Check back for future clinics.

2017 Summer League Winners

Ogilthorpes (40+ Division)

Ogilthorpes - 40+ Division

Loan Rangers(C Division)

Loan Rangers - Division C

Happy Hour(D2 North)

Happy Hour - D2 North

Phantom 8 (D3 South)

Phantom 8 - D3 South

Outcasts (D3 Central)

Outcasts - D3 Central

Ice Dawgs (D4)

Ice Dawgs D4

Zuper Stars (D2 West)

Zuper Stars - D2 West

Crease Beavers (D2 South)

Crease Beavers - D2 South

Heinous Rats (D3 North)

Heinous Rats - D3 North

2016 - 2017 Fall/Winter League Winners

Nulite (40+ North Division)

Nulite - 40+ North Division

Loan Rangers(C Division)

Loan Rangers - Division C

Fat Pucks(D2 North)

Fat Pucks - D2 North

White Shadow (D3 South)

White Shadow - D3 South

Heinous Rats (D3 Central)

Heinous Rats - D3 Central

Zamboloni (D4)

Zamboloni D4

Bison (A)

Bison - A Division

Mile High (D2 West)

Mile High - D2 West

Business Class (D2 South)

Business Class - D2 South

Coco-Nuts (D3 North)

Coco-Nuts - D3 North

2016 Summer League Winners

Bushwackers (40+ Division)

Bushwackers - 40+ Division

Loan Rangers (C Division)

Loan Rangers - C Division

Scoregasmic Outlaws (D2 North Division)

Scoregasmic Outlaws - D2 North Division

Trainwreck (D2 South Division)

Trainwreck - D2 South Division

Pull the Goalie (D2 West Division)

Pull the Goalie - D2 West Division

Fighting Amish (D3 North Division)

Fighting Amish - D3 North Division

Mountaineers (D3 South Division)

Mountaineers - D3 South Division

Fall/Winter Hockey

2015 - 16 Fall/Winter League Winners

Nulite (40+ North Division)

Nulite - 40+ North Division

Magnets (40+ South Division)

Magnets - 40+ South Division

JD's Bait Shop (C Division)

JD Bait Shops - Division C

Red Rockets (D2 North)

Red Rockets - D2 North

Trainwreck (D2 South)

Trainwreck - D2 South

Thunderbirds (D2 West)

Thunderbirds - D2 West

El chupacabre (D3 North)

El chupacabre - D3 North

Beantown Bruins (D3 South)

Bean Towne Bruins - D3 South

Mountaineers (D3 East)




Adult Hockey Coordinator
Peter Hunt