Tennis Courts

With nearly 50 tennis courts located throughout the District, it’s easy to practice your serve, lobs, forehands and backhands. The District’s outdoor courts are open to the public, free of charge, and are available on a first-come, first-served basis, as long as they aren’t reserved for programming or lessons. The District also has indoor courts at the Littleton Tennis Center.

Courts List

Arapaho Park (2 Courts)
7800 S Adams Wy
Centennial CO

Cook Creek Tennis Courts (2 Courts)
8641 Kachina Way
Lone Tree, CO

Littleton Tennis Center (6 Indoor Courts)
5800 S Federal Blvd
Littleton, CO

deKoevend (6 Lighted Courts)
6301 S University Blvd
Centennial, CO

Gallup Park (4 Courts)
6147 S Gallup St
Littleton, CO

Harlow Park (4 Courts)
5151 S Lowell Blvd
Littleton, CO

Holly Tennis Center (6 Lighted Courts)
6651 S Krameria Wy
Centennial, CO

Lonesome Pine (2 Courts)
501 Maximus
Littleton, CO

Otero Park (2 Courts)
6300 E Otero Dr
Centennial, CO

Charely Emley (Ridgewood) Park (2 Courts)
2301 W Briarwood Ave
Littleton, CO

Rusty Sun (2 Courts)
8147 S Niagara St
Centennial, CO

Sheridan Park (4 Lighted Courts)
3325 W Oxford Ave
Sheridan, CO

Tennis Center at Lone Tree Golf Club (6 Courts, 4 lighted)
9810 Sunningdale Blvd
Lone Tree, CO

Walnut Hills Elementary (2 Courts)
8195 E Costilla Blvd
Centennial, CO

Court reservation

Interested in reserving an outdoor court? Courts may be reserved up to five days in advance by residents with valid District ID card, and up to three days for residents without ID and nonresidents.

 For District residents, an hour is only $6 and only $8 for nonresidents. 

Court Availability

Court reservation approval is dependent upon court availability and level of court programming (lessons, leagues, tournaments, etc.).

To reserve a court

Call 303.768.8109 (May - Sep) or 303.794.5838 (Oct - Apr).

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